What is Pau?

What is Pau?

Pau is a bookmark manager that helps you save, organize, and tag your favorite websites. It is a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

This bookmark manager will automatically save the links you visit in the background so that they are available offline. You can also use it to organize your bookmarks into "folders" (we call them collections) so that it's easier to find what you're looking for.

The most important features Pau provides are:

  • Organize your links by collections (or folders)
  • Multiple layouts to display your bookmarks
  • Customize your theme app
  • Share your collections of bookamrks easilly
  • Search your content among all bookmarks

Organize your links by collections

Organizing your bookmarks is a great way to keep them in order. Collections are a simple way to organize your bookmarks and make it easier for you to find what you need.

The main advantage of collections is that they are easy to create and can be shared with others. One person can have multiple collections, which means that they can share their favorite bookmarks with friends or colleagues without having to send the links one by one.

Multiple layouts to display your bookmarks

The layout of the bookmarks manager is important for organizing your bookmarks in a way that is easy to navigate.

There are two types of layouts available: cards, vertical list view. In the vertical list layout, you will see your collections in a column with the links you saved within this collection as list on the right. The card layout displays all your collections in as cards, with their title at the top, and it's links below the title as a list.

Customize your theme app

Customizing the color of a bookmark manager extension is a great way to personalize your browsing experience.

With Pau it is easy to customize the themes and colors of your browser.

The extension will allow you to choose from a number of themes and color schemes that are available. You can also create your own theme and customize it with different colors.

Share your collections of bookamrks easilly

Bookmarks, links and resources are all important to help you and your teammates be more productive and synconize the team content. This tool allows you to share the resources that you find relevant with them. This way, everyone on your team is always on top of the latest team content and information.

Search your content among all bookmarks

Pau is a bookmark manager extension that allows you to manage your bookmarks and search them in a more efficient way. Pau let you search your content among all bookmarks. It is a lightweight and fast application that lets you access your bookmarks from anywhere and anytime.

Never get lost between lots of links again!

Ready to save links faster, stay organized and focus more on what matters? Add Pau to your chrome extension now to increase your productivity.

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