Organize your links by collections

Organize your links by collections

Pau is a bookmark manager that let you organize your links by collections. It is a simple, lightweight and easy to use application that lets you create collections of links with the same topic.

Pau is a perfect tool for people who have many bookmarks and want to stay organized. It can be used as an alternative to browsers’ bookmarks or as a complement to them. With Pau, you have an easy way of organizing your favorite links so they can be accessed in one click.

Pau is a free application that lets you organize your links in different categories and subcategories, so you can easily find the link you are looking for. It also has an “Auto-sync” function that will automatically synchronize with Firefox and Chrome browsers.

What is a collection?

A collection is a set of links you have saved within Pau, Pau uses collections for easy organization and abstraction of how to save links.

We recomend use each collection as contexts, something like "Work context", where you can save link relates to your work. Or "Some project" context, where you can save links related to that work... you get the idea.

You can create as many collections as you want, there is no limit for it, however, theere is a limit about the number of collections visible on Pau when you open a new tab.

The maximum number of collections visible when a new tab is opened is 6, if you want to see the rest of your tabs, you can do it by clicking the "Show All Collection " button or, pessing the "space" key on your keyboard.

Never get lost between lots of links again!

Ready to save links faster, stay organized and focus more on what matters? Add Pau to your chrome extension now to increase your productivity.

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